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Hall of Fame Recipients (list) | Nomination Form (pdf file)

Hall of Fame Recipients (photos and biographies)
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2018 Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame Committee

Chair Miles A. "Andy" Stone ()
Superior Pine Products Company
P.O. Box 278
Fargo, GA 31631
Phone: 912.637.5261
Term expires: 12/31/18

Michael L. Clutter (
Forest Investment Associates
15 Piedmont Center, Suite 1250
Atlanta, GA 30305
Phone: 404.261.9575
Term Expires: 12/31/19

Wade Hall
Stuckey Timberland, Inc.
P.O. Box 577
Eastman, GA 31023
Phone: 478.374.4776
Term Expires: 12/31/20

Tom Norris (
Interstate Resources, Inc.
2366-2 Interstate Paper Road
Riceboro, GA 31323
Phone: 912.884.3386
Term Expires: 12/31/21

Tim Lowrimore ()
316 Providence Blvd.
Macon, GA 31210
Phone: 478.747.5212
Term expires: 12/31/22

Nominating Procedure

It is the purpose of the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame, a function of the Georgia Division, Southeastern Society of American Foresters, to honor foresters who have made outstanding and significant contributions to the forestry profession.

Any member, or past member, living or deceased, of the Georgia Division, Southeastern Society of American Foresters who, in the opinion of the nominators, has made outstanding contributions to the profession can be nominated. The nominee must be, or have been, a resident of the State of Georgia.

A dated, formal nomination stating the nominee's current address and telephone number must be presented to the Chair, Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame Committee by June 1 of each year to allow distribution to the Hall of Fame Committee members for their consideration before the annual committee meeting customarily held during the last week in June. The nomination must be signed by the principal nominator and include address and telephone number. An additional minimum of four supporting signatures must follow that of the principal nominator. All signers must be currently active members of the Georgia Division, Southeastern Society of American Foresters.

A detailed professional biography and other statements, not exceeding 300 words, emphasizing the nominee's professional contributions must accompany the nomination.

The Nomination Form is in pdf format. If you are unable to read pdf files, then click on the Adobe Acrobat logo, and download Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Following in a suggested nomination format.

Resume of Achievements and Contributions to Forestry

Please Note: Election to the Georgia Foresters Hall of Fame requires recognition of outstanding contributions to the broad field of forestry. These contributions should be documented in a concise, straightforward manner in those areas of activity pertinent to the nominee's professional accomplishments. Listed below are several criteria or activities which may be helpful in compiling this information. The list is obviously not inclusive, and it is intended only as a guideline for your use.

Contributions to Professional Forestry in One or More Categories


Hall of Fame Recipients

1969 G. Norman Bishop
Burley M. Luffburrow
Charles Evans
I.F. "Cap" Eldredge
Bishop F. Grant
Henry J. Malsberger
William M. Oettmeier
Bonnell H. Stone
1970 Allyn M. Herrick

Ernst V. Brender
C. Dorsey Dyer
J.D. "Red" Strange
1972 B.E. Allen
A.C. Connaughton
L.W.R. Jackson
1973 H.C. Carruth
Ben C. Meadows
1974 Frank A. Bennett
S.B. Kinne, Jr.
1975 H. Guyton DeLoach
1976 John W. Cooper
1977 William H. McComb
Jack T. May
1978 Douglass A. Craig
1979 Archie E. Patterson
1980 James F. Spiers
Robert W. Cooper
1981 William A. Campbell
John F. Sisley
Vernon Yow
1982 Leon A. Hargreaves, Jr.
George A. Anderson
1983 John C. Barber
Frederick W. Haeussler
Charlie Bonner Jones
1984 Jerome L. Clutter
1985 Claud L. Brown
"Ted" W. Earle, Sr.
J. Walter Myers
1986 H. Edward Ruark
1987 L. W. "Hoop" Eberhardt
1988 Harley Langdale, Jr.
William Patrick Thomas
1989 None
1990 Barry F. Malac
L.N. Thompson, Jr.
1991 Joseph S. "Sid" McKnight
1992 W.B. (Bill) Oettmeier, Jr.
1993 none
1994 Eley C. Frazer III
1995 G. Edward Knapp
Charles Fitzgerald


1997 Robert L. Izlar
John W. Mixon
1998 none
1999 William J. Barton
2000 A. Ray Shirley
2001 James G. Fendig
2002 James L. Gillis, Jr.
2003 William C. (Billy) Lancaster
Arnett C. Mace, Jr.
2004 John Reid Parker
2005 None
2006 None
2007 W. Dale Greene
Charles "Chuck" Place, Jr.
Charles M. Tarver
2008 None
2009 Michael Lee Clutter
Winfred N. "Hank" Haynes
Kathryn "Kate" Hutcherson Robie
2011 Klaus Steinbeck
2012 Earl Barrs
William F. Miller III
Miles A. "Andy" Stone
2013 Claude E. Yearwood
2014 Sharon Nix Dolliver
2015 Tom F. Norris
2016 William C. Humphries, Jr.
William Robert "Bob" Lazenby
Robert J. Olszewski